Who We Are

The recent developments in Serialization and Traceability implementation and their industrywide adoption indicate that both these technologies will become the backbone of Pharmaceutical, Food/Beverage and Luxury Brands industry in the coming times. The entire Supply Chain for these industrial sectors is going to rely very heavily on the traceability of the serialized items and it makes it extremely important that this technology is implemented and executed flawlessly in both the Production Environment as well as Supply Chain. Having lived through the product development lifecycle, production implementation and adoption of serialization technology across worldwide pharmaceutical regulations, this team has come together to address the top challenges in the Serialization Ecosystem today.TrackTraceIT is a team of technology professionals having a collective experience of over 50 years in DSCSA and Global Pharmaceutical Serialization space. Our team of professionals comes from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Serialization Line Equipment Manufacturing, L4-L5 Solution Sales and deep expertise in Overall Serialization Project Management.

Harpal Singh


Harpal is an adept problem solver, securing major projects in Environmental Sciences, Geotechnical fields, Aviation, Railways, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical manufacturing. He excels at identifying business challenges, collaborating with technical teams, and ensuring client satisfaction. With connections across 28+ countries, he's a recognized figure in Pharmaceutical traceability, often speaking at conferences. Harpal leads Digital Transformation in manufacturing, contributing to cutting-edge solutions in development and sales. His expertise encompasses diverse industries, project acquisition, and driving innovation in manufacturing.

Gurpreet Singh

Co-Founder & VP – Global Strategy

Gurpreet, a seasoned Technology evangelist with 22+ years in Strategy, Sales & Business Development, blends entrepreneurship with strong belief in Tech & Retail. He's led across Healthcare, Retail & Telecom, excelling in large gov't contracts ($100M+). His business acumen spawns startups, backed by risk management expertise. A motivating leader, Gurpreet fosters analytical, solution-focused teams, nurturing talent. Customer-centric, he drives success via strategic solutions. Independent yet collaborative, he leverages judgment for positive company impact. Gurpreet dedicates himself to training, monitoring, and morale, uplifting employee engagement and performance in the pursuit of success.

Tushar Gupta

CO-FOUNDER & VP Business Development/SALES

A problem-solving enthusiast, he’s pivotal in securing significant technical projects spanning Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Technology, and Supply-Chain sectors. His forte lies in identifying business challenges, collaborating with tech teams for solutions, and safeguarding client interests. He is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of comprehensive experience in supporting Engineering, Operations, Project Management, and Technical teams. With a presence nationwide and globally, he is a renowned figure in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing and is closely tied to global Track and Trace programs. Spearheading Digital Transformation in manufacturing, he develops and markets top-tier solutions. His journey showcases excellence in problem-solving, partnership-building, and pioneering transformative industry solutions.

Why Are We Different?

  • Overall Serialization Domain Expertise
  • Understanding of Hardware and Software Products used in Serialization Space
  • Ability to Source Best Manpower for Serialization
  • Flexibility to adapt as per company size
  • Expertise for bringing companies upto speed for everchanging Serialization Ecosystem
  • We work very closely with Senior Management and CXOs to Understand, Design and Execute Digital Transformation Projects

Our Vision and Mission

TrackTraceIT aims to provide peace of mind to our partners by making available with the best in class solutions available in the Serialization and Digital Transformation domain

We deliver transformative solutions and opportunities, guiding our customers on their journey to connected insights.

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Our core values reflect our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. They also reflect our commitment to operating our business in a responsible and ethical manner.

Brilliant Client Service

The genuine interest in serving clients and colleagues to create shared success.

Business Focus

A commitment to improving efficiency and driving business value for our clients.

Differentiated Performance

Setting the standard for team performance through actions and results.


The genuine interest in serving clients and colleagues to create shared success.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being innovative, consistently looking for new ideas, and taking chances.