Client Onboarding

DSCSA - Serialization Client Onboarding has been divided into five sections namely Introduction, Process, Timeline, Costs, & Acceptance.

This includes professional consulting and project management services for the following subject matters:

  • Serialized Data Management
  • Upstream & Downstream Trade-Partner EPCIS Support

TrackTraceIT Inc. is well-positioned to be a valued partner throughout the project assessment, and if given the opportunity, to help implement and execute any or all recommendations. Our deep subject matter expertise and project management capabilities are perfectly suited to successfully deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to your profile and customized for your use cases and business requirements.

The EPCIS client onboarding process includes -

  • Serialized Data Management
  • Upstream & Downstream Trade-Partner

TrackTraceIT Inc.’s steps includes -

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