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The November 2023 deadline outlined in the ( DSCSA) mandates that the pharmaceutical industry has in place a full electronic track and trace capability, at a unit level, from manufacturers through dispensers.

Countdown to DSCSA

Full compliance is required by November 27th, 2023.









Dispensers, such as retail pharmacies, hospitals, and physicians’ offices, have been required since 2015 to refuse to accept pharmaceutical products from a previous owner, such as the manufacturer or a wholesaler distributor, that could not provide paper or electronic versions of these data ( (Often referred to as T3 – Transaction Information (TI), Transaction History (TH), Transaction Statement (TS) Dispensers will no longer be permitted to accept receipt of pharmaceutical products that do not have unique serial numbers.

Dispensers will need to determine whether products they receive are genuine or counterfeit. To do this, they will need to provide the serial number along with other product information to manufacturers within 24 hours

TRACKTRACEIT Has a Full Stack of Services needed by Dispensers to comply with the DCCSA Requirements

  • Training and hand holding dispenser personnel to handle the new DSCSA requirements.
  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Fully Integrated 2D Scanner and Product Verification Software
  • Configurable & compatible with existing pharmacy ERP system and industry upstream system integration.
  • TrackTraceIT shall provide a repository for keeping electronic record to be maintained for 6 years by law.