FMCG Industry

Due to booming demand for exports and availability of technology making almost everything possible, other than the pharmaceutical sector, counterfeiting is rampant in FMCG.

Similar forms of copying, illegal logos production of almost identical Grey Fakes have plagued the FMCG sector as well. We often come across serious problems caused due to these fraudulent products having penetrated the supply chain.

In most cases, the investigation will later prove that the products were indeed fake. By that time, the damage to the brand image will already be done. Finally, especially in certain sectors where security is of prime importance, faulty counterfeit products can harm, injure, or even cause death.


  • Engage with the manufacturers to understand their production and supply chain ecosystem
  • Propose RFID, 2D Barcode and related on surface or embedded temper proof technologies for incorporating Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability techniques into their supply chain
  • We can incorporate technology to track the product not only from warehouse to warehouse or warehouse to retail but can track each of the products throughout the transport process as well.
  • Each of the products coded with anti-counterfeit measures can be tracked till POS and in case of any malpractice, the product will come across as fake when scanned at the POS.