Global Serialization Compliance

Serialization compliance programs launched across pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs around the globe have bought in a new set of challenges to both, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as well as the Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

TrackTraceIT ensures that the serialization program being adopted by your organization is fully compliant with the compliance norms from Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and Europe’s Falsified Medicines Directive (EU-FMD) to similar regulations in markets like India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and China,

We work within your organization to set up the Core team to drive the serialization initiative within the organization, train them to the compliance requirements laid down by the countries being catered to by your organization and augment your organization with right technical resources.We have various packaged services that can help you at every step of your serialization program to ensure that you remain on top of the serialization compliance today and for times to come


We have a team of experts readily made available so you do not have to worry about the risk in connection to your projects.

Our experts will scale you through all the processes without any delay. We have a wide range of qualified and specialized in-house team that are ready to provide people to clients on any basis.

In case you find it difficult to create your team or personnel, feel free to contact our resourcing team for the best possible approach.

The types of people we typically provide to clients include:

Serialization Program Management

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