Luxury Brands

Due to booming demand for exports and availability of technology making almost everything possible, other than the pharmaceutical sector, counterfeiting is rampant in the Luxury Brand industry.

Fraud can take many forms, from copying the brand to the illegal addition of logos to making grey fake copies. Sometimes, the counterfeiters make such close copies that it virtually impossible for the untrained eye to differentiate between the genuine products and their fake copies. This amounts to a substantial loss of revenue and also constitute unfair competition which makes it difficult for brands to penetrate new markets and have serious consequences on brand image. Oftentimes, customers will have paid a high price for a faulty counterfeit product, leading them to associate poor quality to your brand.

In most cases, the investigation will later prove that the products were indeed fake. By that time, the damage to the brand image will already be done.


  • Engage with the manufacturers to understand their production and supply chain ecosystem
  • Propose RFID, 2D Barcode and related on surface or embedded temper proof technologies for incorporating Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability techniques into their supply chain We can incorporate technology to track the product not only from warehouse to warehouse or warehouse to retail but can track each of the products throughout the transport process as well.
  • Each of the products coded with anti-counterfeit measures can be tracked till POS and in case of any malpractice, the product will come across as fake when scanned at the POS.