What is a VRS?

As per the DSCSA Law signed in November 2013, the FDA will require wholesale distributors to verify the product identifier before re-distributing saleable returned products. By using the Verification Router Service (VRS), distributors will be able to route the serialization data to manufacturers. VRS functions as a platform, a network, and a cloud application so that companies can verify serialized products with a single scan of any 2D barcode. The VRS routes verification requests to the stakeholders EPCIS serial repository for an immediate query and response

Why VRS?

The VRS was initiated by the HDA(Healthcare Distribution Alliance) along with the various stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. This interoperable solution will be used to manage the acceptance, formatting and delivery of both requests and responses to support the DSCSA requirements between various trading partners.

The process starts with when a return is occurred the distributor would scan the Data matrix code along with the format and send the request to the VRS Provider. The process uses the query and uses the LD ( Look Up Directory) to route the request to the right source.

Challenges of VRS

  • Collaborating with different stakeholders
  • Communicating with different stakeholders
  • Different Service providers
  • Downtime, outages, or system connectivity issues
  • Problems surrounding the proper scanning, encoding, and formatting of products & PI
  • Syncing scanning equipment due to various technologies and formats.

VRS Process Overview

  • Saleable Returns is received.
  • Wholesaler Scans the Product
  • The Key Identifiers are automatically checked against the Manufacturers Look Up Directory
  • In event of False Response received, the following steps should be taken.
  • Product Quarantined and notification to the manufacturer
  • Manufacturer investigates the ensure.

    -> No system errors.

    -> Product tampered.

  • Documentation related to the process needs to be documented.

Assumption: The system should be able to scan product label (including Global Identifier, Lot number & Sl No)

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The tools used while implementing a VRS system is an important step as it is important to align with all of your trading partners and sync up to their expectations. This not only is limited to their software but also the hardware that they use to read the 2D barcode. VRS can be an effective way to fulfil the DSCSA requirement towards having a streamlined solution that contribute to a secure and reliable drug supply chain